Incienta Technologie GmbH is a leading European distributor of advanced scientific instrumentation in the fields of cryogenics, nanotechnology, semiconductor, materials science, thin-film technology, UHV design, surface science, experimental physics, life-science, and biotechnology.

Our Products


Closed cycle cryostats, helium flow cryostats, UHV cryostats, cryo-probe stations, optical spectroscopy, more..

Thin film Technology

Pulsed laser deposition, molecular beam epitaxy, sputter deposition, thermal evaporation, CVD, In-situ analysis, more..

Surface science

XPS/ESCA, UPS, High pressure XPS, ARPES, STM, AFM, LEED/AES, Components, software, more..

UHV Components

Instruments, Manipulators, Chambers, Sample holders, accessories, power supplies, controllers, lighting, more..

Ferro & Piezoelectrics

Precision non linear materials testers, tester accessories, vision software, MEMS, wafers, more..

Microscopy & Imaging

AFM, STM, PFM, MFM, high resolution optical microscopy, Low temperature SPM, high speed optical sorting, more..

Magnetic / Electric characterization

Ferro- /Piezoelectric testers, Hall effect measurement, Low temperature AC/DC measurements, magnetometry, more..

Life science & Biotechnology

DNA/RNA Synthesizer, AFM for life science, Oligo Purifiers, Cleavage Ovens, Peptide Synthesizers, more..

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Incienta – Statement COVID-19 : The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us as a global community, and the health and safety of our team and our customers is our top priority.

DPG Dresden 2020 : On grounds of the Corona virus pandemic, the spring meet of the German Physical Society – Section Condensed Matter (Dresden 2020) was cancelled.

The Electroceramics XVII conference : The Electroceramics XVII will be held in Darmstadt, Germany, between August 24th-27th 2020.

Technology & Applications

Who we are

The team at Incienta comes from a diverse scientific and R&D background with more than 30 years of domain technical and business expertise. Together with our strong global network of leading players in the market, we strive to enable our customers with state-of-the-art technological solutions to realize their goals. Innovation is at the heart of our processes; we constantly channelize our efforts towards supporting key advances in science & technology that are crucial for a bright and sustainable future for all.

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